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Frequently Asked Questions


About the Library

How many study rooms are there in the Mong Man Wai Library?
Ans: There are 5 group discussion rooms in MMW Library located on 1/F. Booking is required.
For details, please visit:
If I was found lending my Library Card to an outsider for gaining access and/or borrowing library material(s), what action will Library take and what penalties will be levied on me?
Ans: Don't do that, this falls into the Case III category under the "Violation of Library Regulations". Your library privileges will be suspended for three months along with other penalties and actions.
For details, please visit:
If I forget to return a DVD on time and it has been overdue for 2 days, how much fine I have to pay?
Ans: The overdue fine is $2 per day for 14-day loans period items.
For details, please visit:
Can I donate books to the library?
Ans: You are most welcome. Please check our gift policy at
How many collaborative partners does our Library have?
Ans: The Library has signed collaboration agreements with seven university libraries in China and Taiwan.
For details, please visit:
What is EdUHK Library's vision and mission?
Ans: See below.
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I borrowed a book on 1 April, later I received a library notice to inform me the new due date was 15 April. Why was my loan period shortened?
Ans: The EdUHK Library has adopted the recall policy to speed up the circulation of seasonally high demand items. It is a common practice in all university libraries, details of which can be found in the Library Regulations Section (Sec. 4.5) of your EdUHK Student Handbook or our Library Website. This policy, which is a basic condition of using the library's loan service, and has been explained to every student in the library orientation sessions.
For details, please visit:
Why is it so cold in the library? Is it to protect computers and books? If not, please set the air-con to a more reasonable level.
Ans: Yes, the library needs to maintain a lower temperature and suitable relative humidity in order to preserve the condition of our collections and equipment. The Estate Office of the Institute has set temperature in MMW Library to 23 degrees Celsius, which is already higher than the range of 18-22 degrees Celsius recommended by international library standards. Owing to the large indoor space of MMW Library, some areas may be warmer or cooler than other areas. Try moving around and you may be able to find a spot that best fits your need.
Where can I find the Hong Kong School textbooks?
Ans: You can find them in School Textbooks Collection (1/F, MMW Library).
For details, please visit:
Can I view local TV programmes online?
Ans: Yes, you can try EdVideo. It is a video-on-demand service which features education related and current affairs programmes from ATV, ETV, RTHK and TVB. EdUHK staff and students can access EdVideo remotely outside the campus via the Internet by entering their EdUHK Network usernames and passwords for authentication.
For details, please visit:
Where can I find the reading materials recommended for the course?
Ans: Course required text and recommended reading materials are placed on self-served open shelves at designated Reserve Collection areas in 7 x 24 Learning Centre (G/F, MMW Library ). You should first look up the call number and find out the location of the item using the library system.
For details, please visit:
Can I borrow a magazine?
Ans: No. all serials are to be used inside the Library only.
For details, please visit:
What are included in the Taiwanese Children's Literature Special Collection (1/F, MMW Library)?
Ans: The Taiwanese Children's Literature Special Collection houses the nominees and winners of a major Chinese children's book competition in Taiwan. Materials include simple picture books to juvenile fiction from early primary to early secondary level.
For details, please visit:
The book I want to borrow is not available, what can I do?
Ans: Try HKALL, eligible EdUHK Library users holding EdUHK Student Cards or Staff Cards can borrow books (but no media and other non-book materials) from the other seven UGC-funded institution libraries. Requests will be made online and the books will be delivered to the Circulation Counter of Mong Man Wai Library for checkout.
For details, please visit:
Can the Library send me notice via mobile phone?
Ans: Yes, we can send you a SMS message. EdUHK staff and students will be able to receive simplified versions of important library notices via SMS on their mobile phones free of charge.
For details, please visit:
Can I bring my own notebook PC and access the Internet while I am inside the Library?
Ans: Yes, wireless Internet access is provided for all public areas of the Library.
For details, please visit:
How can I make a suggestion to the Library?
Ans: Please send us your comments using the 'Ask a Librarian' form under 'Contact Us'. All suggestions with senders' names and contacts will be promptly replied.
For details, please visit:
Where can I make a colour photocopy?
Ans: Octopus-operated colour photocopier is installed in the 7x24 Learning Centre, G/F of MMW Library.
For details, please visit:
As an undergraduate degree student, can I get access to other UGC libraries?
Ans: University Grants Committee-funded undergraduate degree students of all years are eligible for a JULAC Student Reader Card which will be valid for one academic year from 1st August to 31st July of the next year. Charges are imposed.
For details, please visit:
I am a EdUHK Master degree student, how can I get access to other UGC libraries?
Ans: You can apply for JULAC (Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee) Cards, which will enable you to visit and borrow items from other participating libraries. Application can be made Online
For details, please visit:
Can I download the videos in "EdVideo - Local TV programmes"?
Ans: No. These video programmes are for viewing online only and cannot be saved and downloaded to any local PC because of copyright restrictions.
Why could not some movies on DVDs be played on the computer but I had no problem watching them via a DVD player at home?
Ans: Each movie on DVD has a region code. For instance, movies from Southeast Asia are in region 3 while those from US and Canada are in region 1. If your computer is set for playing DVDs in region 1, the ones in region 3 cannot be played on it.
What kinds of the software are provided for learning English and Chinese at Language Learning Room?
Ans: Language Learning Room offers quality language learning software for practicing listening, reading, speaking, writing and grammar. In addition, IELTS, TOFEL & Mandarin examination packages are also available.
Can I record my voice for practicing speaking at Language Learning Room?
Ans: Yes. There is quality audio component installed in the computer for voice recording. Users can follow the instructions provided on the table for recording.

Library Instructions

I am a part-time student and cannot join the library workshops at daytime. Is there any library workshop provided on weekend?
Ans: You may request workshops for a particular subject area or a specific course assignment at anytime during the year. Please contact the Academic and Learning Support on 2948 6653.

Bookings & Forms

I am an academic staff and would like to put some course materials in Library for my students in this semester. The materials includes photocopy of journal articles and some lecture notes. Where can I place these materials?
Ans: We suggest you to place your photocopies in Closed Reserve. You can simple fill in the form and send to our Access Services Section.
For details, please visit:
I am a school teacher, can I use your library?
Ans: Yes. You can apply for a reader card or a borrower card. Forms can be downloaded at Library website.
For details, please visit:
How can I get journal articles that are not available in our Library?
Ans: You may use the Inter-Library Loan Services by completing the online form.
For details, please visit:
I am an academic staff and would like to recommend some books for my class. How can I make recommendations?
Ans: Just simply complete the Book Recommendation form to us.
For details, please visit:
How can I make books/media recommendation to Library?
Ans: You are welcome to make recommendation, please complete the online form for us.
For details, please visit:
My classmates and I would like to reserve a room for discussion. How can I make a booking?
Ans: Booking of Group Discussion Rooms can be made through the Library Booking System.
For details, please visit:

Research Support

Does the Library provide training on using electronic databases?
Ans: The Library organizes a variety of workshops resources regularly throughout the year. Users with specialized research needs may also contact the Library Information Counter for tailor-made library courses.
For details, please visit:
How can I know the most update publications of my research interest?
Ans: The Library can set up personal SDI research profiles for you with a range of relevant databases and other sources. You can also get the latest relevant article publishing from electronic databases and journals at any time using RSS feeds.
For details, please visit:
How can I find out if my articles are being cited by other researchers?
Ans: The Library has subscribed some databases with citation search functions. With tools like 'Cited Author Search', you can easily discover who are citing your works and set up relevant alert services
For details, please visit:
Can the Library keeps me informed of the latest publications related to my research topics?
Ans: The Library can assist you to keep up to date on the latest research in your areas of interest by establishing personal SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) research profiles for you and deliver the information to you by email or RSS feeds from a range of relevant databases and other sources.
For details, please visit:
I am an academic staff, can the Library help to do a literature search for my research project?
Ans: Yes. We can work with you on designing a search strategy on your topic, and if preferred we can also undertake a literature search of databases.
For details, please visit:
How can I know more about the research conducted by EdUHK students or staff?
Ans: You can search EdUHK Research Repository by subject keywords or author names to find a list of EdUHK research publications.
For details, please visit:
Why should I deposit my research output at EdUHK Research Repository and how?
Ans: EdUHK Research Repository represents a major knowledge management resource of the Institute and demonstrates the range and level of research achievement of EdUHK staff. To show your work to other scholars, you can simply send us your own pre-published copy with citation via email at We shall settle all copyright issues for you.

Electronic Resources

I am going to take the IELTS, is there any online resources that I can use?
Ans: NetLanguages may help you. It is an intensive and comprehensive course designed to prepare candidates for the IELTS exam. It consists of six modules: introduction, listening, reading, writing, speaking and a practice test.
For details, please visit:
What does the Spanish word 'querer' mean?
Ans: Check it out at 'The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Spanish-English)' at
Do you know the origin and history of your Christian name?
Ans: Check it out at A Dictionary of First Names
For details, please visit:
Do you know the origin of your first name and the history?
Ans: Check it out at A Dictionary of First Names
For details, please visit:
Can I listen to the Four Seasons concerto by Vivaldi online?
Ans: Check it out at Classical Music Library at or Naxos Music Library at
The school principal called my son a 'scallywag'. What did he mean? What are the origins of this word?
Ans: Check it out at Oxford English Dictionary Online at
Where can I find journal articles on physical education?
Ans: SportDiscus ( may be a good start for you. It provides information on training techniques, coaching, physical education, physical fitness, etc. For more databases on physical education, use the "Browse E-Resources by Subject" option for physical education at
How can I find online theses or dissertations?
Ans: There are several databases provides theses and dissertations information, such as Dissertations and Theses, CETD: Chinese Electronic Theses and Dissertations Service and Chinese Dissertation Full Text Database, etc. Browse our e-resources by Subject and choose 'Theses and Dissertations'.
For details, please visit:
Can I access Library subscribed databases at home?
Ans: Yes. Users will be prompted to enter their EdUHK Network Usernames and Password when they select the databases on the Library's website for authentication purpose.
For details, please visit:
What kinds of local TV programmes are available?
Ans: Local TV programmes provided through EdVideo are mainly about educational topics as well as other local current affairs including social, economic, cultural and political issues.

What's New

Where can I find the newly books, serials and media materials in the Library?
Ans: New materials are listed on Library Website.
For details, please visit:
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